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Halal Fried Chicken West

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Ameenuddin Atif Mohammed
Clean, Cheap, Lekker and Halal!
Salma Karim
I love the food here, it's clean and also quite cheap. You get good food for the price. If the workers would be friendly most of the time then I would defenitly give them 5*
Vlad Stan
🍗 Tastiest fried chicken in Amsterdam! In my view, the chicken KFC uses in the Netherlands lacks any flavor, so all you taste is the breading. This place reminded me how delicious fried chicken can be. My favorites here are the wings and the chicken pieces (kipstukken)
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Halal Fried Chicken West
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Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 60-62, 1063 BR Amsterdam, Netherlands
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