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El Fredo

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Emily King
And the search for halfway decent delivery food in Germany continues. How hard is it to make pizza that isn't gross? I'd even go for a Domino's Pizza in my neighborhood. How sad is that? The pizza salami here was the typical chemically-modified cheese on cardboard bread that every delivery pizza place has here. The topping on the garlic bread was pretty decent (garlic, tomato, red onion,etc.), but the bread itself was chewy and definitely not fresh. One upside: they have a larger selection of Ben & Jerry's than other places. Chunky Monkey FTW. But oh no, wait, they delivered the wrong flavor, which I didn't realize until well after they left. (Note: I can't actually rate the decor since I didn't go to the store, but you can't leave a field blank on Google Local.) The delivery was quick, but the delivery driver seemed really confused. I buzzed him in and said, "Hallo!" multiple times through my open door, but he wouldn't come in. We only live 1/2 story up, so he should have easily found us.
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