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Tiba's Lebanese Restaurant

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Nico JG
Absolutely disgusted. We have ordered 1 mixed grill ($19.50) and 1 vegetarian grill ($18.00), 1 x 250ml yogurt drink ($2.5), 1 mint tea ($3.0) Total is $43. We were charged $47 on the bill. After coming back to politely question the bill I was treated rudely and interrogated like I was the person in the wrong , and had $1.50 thrown back to me and the lovely cashier muttered and swore to himself. The correct refund of $4 was not given. 1st rule in customer service guys, don't treat your customers like dirt. After reviewing the bill and realising that we have still been overcharged, my mother in law has come back and questioned the bill. They gave us an itemised bill that had 3 drinks on the receipt instead of 2, they charged for 2 yogurt drinks and then claimed the bill is correct. We only ordered 2 drinks. This is a fact. My mother in law walked out without the correct refund issued. Simple fact is, we have been overcharged $ 4 and have been refused the correct refund. It's simply an issue of principle, the money is not the issue. The issue has not been resolved and they have profited from cheating the customer. I advise all people to check their bills as they cannot be trusted to charge the correct amount. Be warned.
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Tiba's Lebanese Restaurant
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