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Indiaas Restaurant Tajmahal

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Clark Udt
What best can it be to have Indian Biryani outside India? Thoroughly enjoyed the taste and the authenticity of Indian biryani. After a long trouble and search found 2 restaurants serving Indian food and it was worth a try. A little expensive but I could sense it when you need authentic Indian food you got spend more.
Alok Verma
Not worth even a one star review. Very below-average taste, watery mango lassi...which is one thing most people come for in an Indian restaurant. Menu is not correct, you are surprised to find that after the bill is presented! They don't accept 50 euro note for a 28 euro spend :-) Dirty washroom. Very unkept furnishing. Ah...I guess I can go on and on.
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Indiaas Restaurant Tajmahal
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